Dividend Report :: May 2019


For May 2019,  the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from six different companies (CIM, MO, T, ABBV, OHI, TXN). The total was $172.77. This was a 2280% increase from May 2018 where the total was $7.26. Most of this was due to the increasing amount of stocks that were added to the portfolio over the year and also that CIM hit in May instead of April this year. Either way, this is awesome to see and I’ll take a 2000% increase any day of the week.  Let’s see how June turns out. As of now the Divs4Jesus portfolio is now ahead of its 2018 totals at this time last year. This is even with the suspension from VALE.

Welcome to Divs 4 Jesus

First Post! Check out the About Me page for a quick overview of the purpose of this blog. I’ll be updating and playing around with this blog for the first couple of weeks as I attempt to figure out WordPress and what I believe is the ‘best’ style/layout for me. So please check back shortly for updates as I settle in to my little slice of the web. Thanks!