For June 2019,  the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from nine different companies (F, V, SWKS, WBA, TSN, NWL, LYB, PRU, & AEG). The total was $121.60. This was a 48% increase from June 2018 where the total was $81.99. The increase was due both to new stocks added to the portfolio since last year, as well as repeat payments from F, V, and TSN. The 48% increase is great to see since the Portfolio had another dividend suspension this month. GME has suspended its dividend indefinitely as it tries to figure out a path for the future. The Divs4Jesus Portfolio has now lost its two biggest dividend paying stocks; GME and VALE. GME’s looks gone for the foreseeable future, but I hope to see VALE’s resumed before the end of the year if it gets its dam and safety issues under control. The good news is even without these two top payers the portfolio is ahead of where it was last year. Through continued diversification we still hope to top our total dividends from 2018.  Let’s see how the second half the year turns out for the Divs4Jesus portfolio.

4 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: JUNE 2019”

  1. wow nice jesus. A huge yr overbyr growth rate and with 2 less payers.

    sorry to hear about those 2. we have all faced a cut or 2 before. Little learning lessons.

    keep it up, with that growth rate you will be surprised where you are in another year!


    • Thanks PCI! Tough to see our two biggest players go down — We always new GME was a big risk so that’s not surprising but VALE was a surprise with the dam collapse. But we move forward and keep going. Essentially we have already replaced these cuts and like I mentioned before I have hope VALE will restore the dividend later this year or next year as their issue is a one off one “hopefully”.

  2. 48% YoY increase is totally awesome. It’s definitely hard to see that kind of number unless you have put in some hard work into growing your portfolio and dividend income. Congrats on the latest dividend income. 🙂

    • Thanks Tawcan!! Yes most of the increases are due to the discipline in making sure we save and invest each and every month. One of the goals eventually would be to have the portfolio “self-funding.” For example – say our goal is to save and invest $20,000.00 a year and increase our savings/investment by 5% per year. It would be wonderful if that could all be produced through dividends and organic dividend growth. If we target a yield of 4% for the portfolio we would need to grow our portfolio size about 9x what it is now to get there. A huge task but not impossible with time and disciple. Only time will tell. Thanks again for following along the journey!

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